Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fossildrottningen by Michael Mortimer

Fossildrottningen by Michael Mortimer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Fossildrottningen (Fossilqueen) is a sequel to Jungfrustenen (Virginrock) and even though the first book had its problems (mainly not perfect written and the main character was a bit annoying) did I want to read the sequel. Also, I needed to read the next book since the ending in the first book was a cliffhanger.

I had a lot more problems with this book than the first. First, it's badly written. The story in its essence is interesting but OMG how frustrating it is to read a book clearly lacking a good writer (well lacking two good writers since Michael Mortimer is a pseudonym for two writers) the dialogue is often bad and the characters act so stupid sometimes that it's wonder that the cops haven't gotten them yet. I mean you are wanted by the police and Interpol for murder and you risk everything by deciding to sit in a café because you need a little alone time. Meh!

Also, the books have pages of facts. I mean you read something like they have to steal a popemobile and you get a small chapter about popemobile, the history of it. It's not like someone in the book explains for the other characters or the reader what a popemobile is, instead it can be a Wikipedia page or facts from a book. Yes, I like information, but I want it immersed into the story not separated. If I will google it if want to know more of something.

Will I read the next book? Yes, I will not buy it but I will borrow it from the library like this one. I will read the next only because the story in itself is interesting, but if the story in any way gets bad then I will perhaps I will be able to read all six planned books...or not...

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