Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Darkness, Take My Hand

In this book Patrick has started a relationship with Grace, a young doctor with a daughter, and Angie has divorced Phil. But their life will soon be turned upside down. A psychiatrist hires Angie and Patrick to watch over her son who she is scared is a target by the Irish mafia. But they never imagine what the case will do to their life...

This book grabbed a hold on me from the beginning and kept it hold until the end. The first book was good, this book was awesome.  The story was tragic, disturbing and thrilling. It’s strange when I’m really into a book, then I don’t know what to write, but when a book is bad, then I have a lot to write. A part of my are still so taken with the story that I’m having trouble leaving Kenzie & Gennaros world behind and move on with another book.  But I thought I would wait a bit with Sacred and finish of the other books I have started…but it is hard...

4 stars

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