Wednesday, 10 December 2014


This book like all the books before by Ann Rosman takes place in Marstrand, Sweden.  And like all the other books before by her is this story also divided between the past and the present.

Marstrand 1906A young girl, Karolina arrives to the spa town to get healthy and also to find a husband (since it is the purpose of women of the time). She quickly finds herself two suitors and now the struggle for her hand can begin.

Marstrand 2013An old man gets killed in an abandon hotel and Karin Adler has to figure out who killed him and why?

It felt more like reading two books instead of one, of course there is a point with the past story, it has a link to the present story, but when I read the part that linked the history to the present I just felt a little bit let down. Is that it? I must say I prefer her past books when it comes to writing about the past. And also the whole must find a husband for the daughter is a theme I just loath. Although the father in this story at least was nice enough to not force her into something she didn’t wanted. 

 3 1/2 stars


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