Sunday 15 April 2018

#BookReview The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards @mredwards @amazonpub

The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was the happiest day of her life. Little did she know it was also the last.

When a woman’s body is found in the grounds of a ruined priory, Detective Imogen Evans realises she is dealing with a serial killer—a killer whose victims appear to die in a state of bliss, eyes open, smiles forever frozen on their faces.

A few miles away, single dad Ben Hofland believes his fortunes are changing at last. Forced to move back to the sleepy village where he grew up following the breakdown of his marriage, Ben finally finds work. What’s more, the bullies who have been terrorising his son, Ollie, disappear. For the first time in months, Ben feels lucky.

But he is unaware that someone is watching him and Ollie. Someone who wants nothing but happiness for Ben.

Happiness…and death.


I read The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards and was blown away. It was such a fabulous story. So, I was curious to see how the next book would turn out. I chose to listen to this book at work and I found that was an excellent choice. The narrator Simon Mattacks was great!

There are three parallel POVs in the book. We get to follow single dad Ben Hofland as he tries to bring his life back on track after his wife left him for another man. And old friend of his as it seems which not makes Ben bitter at all. We also got Detective Imogen Evans POV as she tries to catch a killer. And, of course, we have the killers POV. All this makes this book pretty thrilling to read. Trying to figure out who the killer is, while at the same time having a bad feeling for poor Ben and his son Ollie. I mean it's good that life is getting better for Ben. But, in this book is a great life not always a good thing...

I liked how we get to know the next potential victim, I mean Ben, get to follow him and his son Ollie, while a crazed murderer is watching him. What is the killers motive, will Imogen Even figure it out or is Ben doomed? This book is a stand-alone, but I wouldn't mind reading more books with Imogen Evans. She's a tough cop and I quite liked her structured, but lonely life (although there is a hint of a romance in her life towards the end of the book). At the same time, I quite enjoyed getting to know Ben, an ordinary man, who just had the misfortune of getting the attention of a murderer.

This book was great and I'm looking forward to reading more books by Mark Edwards!

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