Thursday 11 July 2019

#BookReview The Stories You Tell by Kristen Lepionka @FreshFiction @KMLwrites @MinotaurBooks

The Stories You Tell by Kristen Lepionka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The third installment in the Shamus Award winning and Anthony and Macavity Award-nominated Roxane Weary series.

A late-night phone call is never good news, especially when you’re Roxane Weary. This one is from her brother Andrew, whose evening was interrupted by a visit from Addison, a hip young DJ he knows. She was hysterical, but she wouldn’t say what was wrong. After using his phone, she left as quickly as she appeared, and Andrew is worried. That’s when Andrew calls Roxane.

But another late-night call occurs as well: Addison's father contacts the police after getting a panicked voicemail from his daughter. The only thing he could understand is the address she gave in the message— Andrew’s. Before long, the police are asking Andrew all about how he got the bloody scratch on his face and what he did to Addison. Meanwhile, another cop is found dead on the opposite side of town, leading to a swirl of questions surrounding a dance club whose staff—which includes Addison—has suddenly gone AWOL.

THE STORIES YOU TELL, Shamus Award-winning and Anthony and Macavity-Award nominated author Kristen Lepionka’s heart-pounding third novel, will keep readers on the edge of their seat with her signature twists and mile-high stakes.


PI Roxane Weary gets a call in the middle of the night from her brother Andrew. He's worried about a visitor that showed up in the evening at his place clearly upset. All she wanted was to use his phone and then she left. He then calls Roxane to help to find the young woman, whose name is Addison, whom he seems to know vaguely. Problems arise when Addison's father calls the police after getting a distress call from his daughter. The cops seem inclined to believe that the last person that saw Addison - Andrew - is the one behind her disappearing. Now, Roxane must find Addison and clear Andrew's name.


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