Saturday 1 November 2014

Fog Warning by Edward Lorn

Fog Warning by Edward Lorn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Tick, tock, tickety, tock. Time’s slipping away, doc ... ”

Emergency Room Physician Brent Cummings is harboring secrets he’d rather leave in the shadows of his past. But, when he finds a dead woman in a foggy park, all his skeletons come tumbling out of the closet.

In a deadly race against time, Brent attempts to alter the future so that he might finally let go of the past.

Will he heed the warning in the fog, or will fate prove more dependable than the good doctor?


First I want to thank Edward Lorn for the opportunity to read an ARC if his new novella. Also, since this is an ARC it is not a finished version of the book and I was prepared to face a book that hasn't been proofread yet and I had no intention to nitpick the book for spelling mistakes. (I didn't find any, but it could be because English isn't my native language.)
Emergency room physician Brent Cummings life could be better. He has relocated himself to Bay's End after an accident and here he tries to start a new life working in the hospital. But in the end, the past will come back to haunt him when he sees a dead woman in a foggy park...

One thing I really liked about the story was that I had no idea where it would go. I actually refused to read any of the (two) reviews I've seen on booklikes because I didn't want the story spoiled or getting influenced by other people. And I didn't even remember the synopsis when I read the book. All I knew that it would be something foggy. So I had no idea what would happen and even though it wasn't that of a horrifying story that I had expected there was one scene in the hospital with Brent Cummings that really was disturbing. But I was actually surprised that the story wasn't that gruesome. Brent Cummings is a flawed character that has done something awful in the past and the past is back to haunt him and in a way set him free.
I had a problem rating this book. I wasn't sure about 3,5 or 4, but, in the end, it got a 3,5 (a 4 here on GR) because even though I liked the story, really liked the ending, the story just didn't hook me like The Morning Dew did (If you haven't read it an excellent novella). What can I say, I was expecting something more horrifying with the fog...
Edward Lorn has a talent for writing short stories. It's a hard thing to do because you have to get so many things together on fewer pages than an ordinary book. But he does it always so well. Fog Warning was well-written!

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