Thursday 31 May 2018

#CoverCrush The Search for Maggie Ward by Andrew M. Greeley

For new visitors do I want to explain that Cover Crush is something that my friend Erin over at Flashlight Commentary came up with and I adopted the idea together with some other friends. And, now we try to put up a Cover Crush every week. You can check below my pick of the week for their choices this week!

A poignant tale of love, loss, and faith set in the aftermath of World War I, from the acclaimed author and theologian

Young navy flier Jerry Keenan is supposed to be on his way home to Chicago, law school, and a postwar life that is socially acceptable to a well-off Irish Catholic family. Instead, he is in Arizona, delaying that homecoming while he wrestles with his memories of combat and the men he saw die.

That may be one reason an encounter with a girl at a Tucson lunch counter seems so appealing. Another reason is that she is mysterious, hauntingly beautiful, and very sexy—the perfect antidote for a troubled heart.

But at the very moment Jerry realizes how much he needs Maggie Ward, she dramatically vanishes, or is taken, from him. And Jerry, in search of his destiny and his soul, must be willing to move heaven and earth to find the woman he loves.


I found the cover of this book to be lovely. The silhouette of the woman together with the corner image of the man standing in the desert of Arizona, with the cactus and the airplanes. It feels like a perfect cover for a historical romance novel.

Check out what my friends have picked for Cover Crush's this week:

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