Monday 4 February 2019

#BookReview The Stone Circle by Elly Griffiths @ellygriffiths @QuercusBooks

The Stone Circle by Elly Griffiths
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

DCI Nelson has been receiving threatening letters telling him to 'go to the stone circle and rescue the innocent who is buried there'. He is shaken, not only because children are very much on his mind, with Michelle's baby due to be born, but because although the letters are anonymous, they are somehow familiar. They read like the letters that first drew him into the case of The Crossing Places, and to Ruth. But the author of those letters is dead. Or are they?

Meanwhile Ruth is working on a dig in the Saltmarsh - another henge, known by the archaeologists as the stone circle - trying not to think about the baby. Then bones are found on the site, and identified as those of Margaret Lacey, a twelve-year-old girl who disappeared thirty years ago.

As the Margaret Lacey case progresses, more and more aspects of it begin to hark back to that first case of The Crossing Places, and to Scarlett Henderson, the girl Nelson couldn't save. The past is reaching out for Ruth and Nelson, and its grip is deadly.


First I want to say that this is one of the best books in the series. I can be quite annoyed with both Ruth and Nelson. However, in this book both very behaving quite good. Although there are moments of when I thought; "Come on Nelson, you can't have your cake and eat it". Now, that I've gotten that off my chest can I return to the story of the book.

One of the reasons for me liking this series is the combination of crime and archaeology. I love that Ruth is an archaeologist that now and then get dragged into different types of crimes. Like in this book when the body of a young girl is found in a dig. And evidence point to that this is compared to the usual bodies found a fresh body. Or fresher, it's been in the ground for thirty years.

The Stone Circle is engrossing, both the case (that brings to mind the case in the first book) and everything that goes around in the characters personal lives was enjoyable to read about. I was even thrilled to wake up too early this morning so that I could finish the book before work. Also, This book actually made me think of going back and read the books from the beginning. It was so long ago that I read the first book that it would be fun to read it again.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

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