Monday 2 March 2015

In Flames by Richard Hilary Weber

In Flames: A Thriller by Richard Hilary Weber
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Dan Shedrick takes a job as a junior architect at an American firm in San Iñigo and it doesn't take him long before he starts an affair with the wife of a resort owner. But then everything goes south when a radio personality is murdered...

This is a short book, I read it quickly, but it has taken me ages to write this review. Usually, I try to write the review as soon as possible while everything is fresh in my head. But I had quite a lot of time before this review would be up and frankly I have put it off a bit. I still try to grasp what the point of the book was. I thought the murder was the important part when I started reading the book, but now I'm not sure. Is this a spy novel? Is this some kind of first-love-gone-bad-book? I have actually no idea; it didn't feel like a thriller. It felt that the book was built up by a lot of descriptions and way too long dialogs.

I still don't understand why the radioman was killed. There was never really an explanation for it. I just wished the book had focused on the murder, got an explanation for it. Skipped the spying and the kidnapping part or at least made it more in tuned with the rest of the story. It would probably also has been a good idea to make Dan a more interesting a likable character, what did he do all the day? Work? No idea, he seemed just to drink rum and sleep with his lover all the time...

This book left me with a feeling of dissatisfaction. If it would have been longer and the story more explored would it have been a much more enjoyable reading experience.

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