Thursday 6 September 2018

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Depth of Winter by Craig Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The new novel in Craig Johnson's beloved New York Timesbestselling Longmire series.

Welcome to Walt Longmire's worst nightmare. In Craig Johnson's latest mystery, Depth of Winter, an international hit man and the head of one of the most vicious drug cartels in Mexico has kidnapped Walt's beloved daughter, Cady, to auction her off to his worst enemies, of which there are many. The American government is of limited help and the Mexican one even less. Walt heads into the one-hundred-and-ten degree heat of the Northern Mexican desert alone, one man against an army.


I pretty much threw myself into DEPTH OF WINTER, the latest Longmire book, when I got a copy of it. The best time of the year is when a new Walt Longmire book is released. I was thrilled that this book returns to the vendetta story arch. Walt Longmire is once again facing off the man that has caused him and his family lots of grievances over the years. If you have read the previous book do you already know this since the man in question kidnapped Walts daughter Cady at the end of that book. Walt will do anything to get Cady back! The only drawback is that there was not very much space over for Henry Standing-Bear and Vic Moretti as Walt used new resources to find Cady in Mexico. Still, they are there when Walt needs them.


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