Saturday 18 May 2019

#BookReview White Peak by Ronan Frost @StMartinsPress @FreshFiction

White Peak by Ronan Frost
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Do you think you deserve a second chance?

Greg Rask, a dying tech billionaire, has invested millions chasing miracle cures. None of them are worth a damn, but he refuses to give up. Now, he’s gathering a team willing to go to the ends of the earth chasing life.

Each of Rask's crew has beaten incredible odds to rise from the ashes of their old lives to where they are now. Together, their next task is to retrieve a painting that is believed to have a hidden layer, and within it a map which, if genuine, marks it as a treasure of the Ahnenerbe, the occult wing of the SS, who had devoted dozens of expeditions in search of the three cintamani stones for their combined properties, and the lost city where they were rumored to lay hidden: Shambhala.

But forces are working against them. Facing some of the most savage terrains known to man, the crew will be pushed to the limits of endurance and beyond. A mystical brotherhood sworn to protect the secrets of the ancients—the same secrets that allow its members to defy death—will stop at nothing to ensure that Hannah and her crew fail, and die in the process. Can they uncover the secret history of the world before Rask’s body finally betrays him?

In White Peak, Ronan Frost draws on his experience working for the British Ministry of Defence to create an adrenalin-pumping quest full of death-defying adventure and fast-paced action.


You can't refuse from Greg Rask, a dying billionaire. Rye gets a second chance, and together, with other people that have also been given a second chance by Rask, he is now on a hunt for a miracle cure. Something that will give Rask his own second chance. There is a painting that is said to have a hidden map that will lead to a lost city, Shambhala. But, there are also those out there that will do anything to stop them from finding the city.


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