Wednesday 4 November 2015

The Crescent Spy by Michael Wallace

The Crescent Spy by Michael Wallace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Writing under a man’s name, Josephine Breaux is the finest reporter at Washington’s Morning Clarion. Using her wit and charm, she never fails to get the scoop on the latest Union andConfederate activities. But when a rival paper reveals her true identity, accusations of treason fly. Despite her claims of loyalty to the Union, she is arrested as a spy and traitor.

To Josephine’s surprise, she’s whisked away to the White House, where she learns that President Lincoln himself wishes to use her cunning and skill for a secret mission in New Orleans that could hasten the end of the war. For Josephine, though, this mission threatens to open old wounds and expose dangerous secrets. In the middle of the most violent conflict the country has ever seen, can one woman overcome the treacherous secrets of her past in order to secure her nation’s future?


Josephine Breaux is a tough, fierce, compassionate and very brave woman. And despite the danger with her mission is she set to travel to New Orleans and go undercover at a newspaper. She's just such a character I loved to read about, a strong woman fighting for what she thinks is right.

The Crescent Spy was an easy book getting into and not an easy book to stop reading. There are a lot of action and many for me worrying moments in this book when I was concerned for her and Franklin her contact in New Orleans. Because going to New Orleans for Josephine means not only trying to win the city for Lincon it means going back and confront her past. And that hard since she has tried to move on from a traumatic event. In New Orleans, she has to confront the ghost of her past, a mother that meant the world to her and a man that could be her father that has let her down several times. Also, there is someone out there that could upset her plans that could reveal her. It's very exciting to read and you never know if she will be able to carry out her plans or even survive in the end.

I think the mix of present time for Josephine and the flashbacks to her past with her mother worked very well and I especially enjoyed and appreciated the fact that her relationship with Franklin didn't turn romantic. Well, it changed towards the end, but that I could take because it shows a possibility for the future (and for a sequel).

I found this book to be really good and well-written and I wouldn't mind reading more books about Josephine Breaux.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a blog tour at TLC Book Tours.

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