Sunday 10 July 2016

Weekly Update!

This is one of those rare weeks where I did not read as much as I usually do. But, working and a reading slump put a damper on my week. And, to think I'm only working 4 hours right now, but after next week will I work 8 hours a day instead. That's why I started to listen to audio books a while back to see how that would work out. And, if it's the right story and the right narrator will it work out fine! Just as long as I'm not too close to the noisy parts of the factory... 

I haven't finished many books this week. Actually, I'm a bit surprised about that since I usually have a couple of reviews to be written when the weekend comes. But this time, I think I only have one that needs to be written. That feels odd. Then again, I'm reading three books right the same time! So  I will take it easy today since it's Sunday and I need to relax before Monday. And, just read and read. I would love to finish at least one book today!

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