Thursday 6 October 2016

Cover Crush: While the Moon Burns by Peter Watt

Erin over at Flashlight Commentary is the one that came up with the cover crush idea and I loved it so much that I decided that every Thursday would I post a cover that I really love. 

I think one of the worst things is finding a really interesting book on NetGalley and then realizing that there are no chances that you will get it. Why? Because you're not an Aussie. The cover for While the Moon Burns blew me away. The motive and the colors are just so beautiful. I guess I just have to buy the book. But, to be honest I want this book in hardcover not as an Ecopy!


From the jungles of the Pacific to the boardrooms of Sydney, the stakes have never been higher when you're fighting for love and survival. And while the Duffy and Macintosh families may fight on the same side in one war, the battle between these two families is far from over.

For Tom Duffy, the purchase of his ancestral property Glen View means his daughter will have a home to return to after the war and, hopefully, for the next generation of Duffys. But the Macintosh family won't let this land go without a fight and when Sarah Macintosh, the daughter of his old nemesis, challenges his ownership, he knows he's in for one hell of a fight.

Meanwhile in Sydney, Sarah has taken over from her father as the head of the Macintosh firm and, while the Nazi investments she made might be in tatters, she has big plans for herself and the family business. And Sarah she isn't afraid of playing dirty.

While Sergeant Jessica Duffy, Captain James Duffy and Major David Macintosh have managed to make it this far through the long war, will all they are fighting for still be waiting for them when they return home?

'With tense and immediate battle scenes, a blockbuster plot and unforgettable characters, Peter Watt has crafted a sweeping epic befitting Australia's dramatic and inspirational history.' Peter FitzSimons


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  1. I agree that the cover is stunning! Do you know if this is part of a series? I'll need to look it up on GoodReads, but it seems from th description that there is a long backstory to this book. BTW I am a new follower via Bloglovin. My blog is called Pondering The Prose.

    1. Yes, it's book 11. I bought book 1, but God knows when I will get to it!