Tuesday 1 May 2018

May Schedule or The "I'm-Quite-Sure-I'm-Going-To-Read-This-Book-In-May" Post

I thought I would put together what I have planned to read this month, of course, I will probably not be able to stick to this list, but these are the books that are on my "I'm-Quite-Sure-I'm-Going-To-Read-This-Book" list...no audiobooks in this list. Saving that for another post perhaps! ;)

First out are these one, all but The Silent Corner are being published in May so these are prioritized! The Silent Corner will I get in Swedish so I will take on that one before I read The Crooked Staircase (yes I know I will have to skip book two in the series)

Then are these ones, early June, if I have time will I get to them: 

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