Sunday 13 May 2018

[Updated] May Schedule & Upcoming Readathon!

It's May 13 and so far have I managed to read some books from my May Schedule and other books (check out my Goodreads page). 

I'm actually impressed by myself out of the 9 I picked to read for this month have I now read 5 and some of them are already reviewed and up like The Crooked Staircase and The Retreat. And, The Dark Angel and Dying Truth will go live soon!


As for the Readathon (Bout of Books that starts 14 May) will I go for a lot of audiobooks since I'm working and of course eARCs! 

So, here are some books that I plan to read, which are the rest of the books I had earmarked for May! I've already started Wicked River, so I plan to finish that one soon. I have also added some older eARCs like The Marriage Pact (because I have the audiobook) and Wilde Lake that I also have as both eARC and audiobook (and that I've started to listen to) 

I will probably deviate from my list of books to read, and I've not added that many audiobooks since I tend to go with what I feel at the moment...

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  1. So many good looking books. It's been a while since I have read any Koontz. Looking at those covers, I think I need to correct that.
    sherry @ fundinmental Sunday Memes