Friday 31 August 2018

August #Wishlist 1930s

This month's wishlist is a theme that I have used before. But, then again, I love books set in the 30s!


A sweeping debut novel set in 1930s Shanghai for fans of Lisa See, Empress, and Memoirs of a Geisha

In 1930s Shanghai, following the path of duty takes precedence over personal desires for every young Chinese woman. For Feng, that means becoming the bride of a wealthy businessman in a marriage arranged by her parents. In the enclosed world of the Sang household—a place of public ceremony and private cruelty—she learns that fulfilling her duty means bearing a male heir.

Ruthless and embittered by a life that has been forced on her, Feng plots a terrible revenge. But as the years pass, she must come to a reckoning with the sacrifices and the terrible choices she has made to assure her place in family and society, before the entire country is engulfed in the fast-flowing tide of revolution.

One snowy New Year's Day, in the midst of the Great Depression, Dr. James Delaney--haunted by the slaughters of the Great War, and abandoned by his wife and daughter--returns home to find his three-year-old grandson on his doorstep, left by his mother in Delaney's care.

Coping with this unexpected arrival, Delaney hires Rose, a tough, decent Sicilian woman with a secret in her past. Slowly, as Rose and the boy begin to care for the good doctor, the numbness in Delaney begins to melt. Recreating 1930s New York with the vibrancy and rich detail that are his trademarks, Pete Hamill weaves a story of honor, family, and one man's simple courage that no reader will soon forget.

The New York Times bestselling author of The Other Lady Vanishes sweeps readers back to California in the 1930s in this all-new novel.

An ex-trapeze artist walks the tightrope between desire and danger as she is caught up in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the onstage death of an inventor. The race is on to find his missing invention before others, who are willing to kill for it, find it first. Once again, the resort town of Burning Cove is the center of deception and intrigue in this thrilling new novel from New York Times bestselling author Amanda Quick.

When Irish-born fighter Danny McCabe commits a terrible crime, he flees to America and throws in his lot with Nicky and Lucia Mariani, siblings from Corsica in search of their fortunes.

After Nicky's infatuation with the New York underworld sees them fall into trouble, the trio head west to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood where Lucia dreams of becoming a star.

Bound by blood and shared secrets, they carve out a life in 1930s tinseltown. While Danny and Lucia embark upon an affair as profound as it is dangerous, Nicky is pulled ever deeper into the dark heart of Los Angeles.

Nicky's reckless ambition sees him make a name for himself amongst a bad crowd, while Danny desperately tries to bury the secrets of his past and carve out a good life for himself on America's west coast. Lucia, passionate and loyal, is left in an impossible position, caught in the crossfire between her brother and the man she loves.

From the author of A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS comes an epic new novel that will span the Golden Age of Hollywood, from the 1930s to the 1960s, and will include appearances from Raymond Chandler, William Faulkner, Mickey Cohen and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Deeply atmospheric and peopled with rich, complex characters, City of Shadows is an enthralling novel of historical suspense, set in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s—a decadent, turbulent time in which a proud nation scarred by defeat, deprivation, and debauchery will become the fertile breeding ground for the rise of National Socialism. 

Berlin, 1922—a city of fading beauty plagued by unemployment and rampant inflation, is home to a host of refugees, including Esther Solomonova. Esther survives by working as a secretary to fellow émigré “Prince” Nick, a scheming cabaret owner who enlists a highly suspicious Esther to “help” Anna Anderson—who may or may not be the lost Princess Anastasia—to claim the Romanov fortune.Yet as people around Esther begin to die, the more she realizes that her own life is at risk, for the murderer may be connected to the terrifying and increasingly powerful Nazi party.

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