Saturday 25 April 2015

In Wilderness by Diane Thomas

In Wilderness by Diane Thomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The year is 1966 and Katherine Reid receives a heartbreaking diagnosis. She is dying from a terminal illness. The doctors can't even figure out what's wrong with her, only that she is dying. So, she sells everything's she owns and moves far away to a cabin in Georgia's Appalachian Mountains. Her plan is to spend her last months in solitude and she has brought with her a gun to end it if it gets too painful towards the end. But she doesn't know that she is not alone. In the forest, someone is watching her. The young Vietnam veteran Danny is watching her with a growing obsession. Danny is haunted by war memories and is living in an old once grand mansion alone.


On Goodreads, you can read that this is a suspenseful and literary love story. I agree with suspenseful, but let not describe the relationship in this book as a love story. It's a relationship between two people that needs each and for a brief moment in life find comfort in each other arms. But love story, no. I thought it would be a love story, but certain things in the book, Danny destroying her car so that she wouldn't be able to leave and his attitude towards her, when they are together, isn't something that I would describe as a love story. A very dark love story perhaps, but now, it's a relationship.

Anyway, I did enjoy reading the book, but I did not love it as much I had hoped I would. It was well written, but the story just didn't work all the way for me, I liked the beginning when the hadn't met yet and the ending best. But the part, when they got together, was just no to my liking that much. Thankfully the book ended on a high note.

Spoiler Warning:

Btw in author's note, you can read about what it was ailing both Danny and Katherine. [Danny suffered from PTSD. This was hardly surprising. But Katherine suffered from environmental illness (EI) also know as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) which makes perfect sense to how living in the cabin made her better

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