Monday 13 April 2015

The Rocheforts by Christian Laborie

The Rocheforts by Christian Laborie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It all started with a lie and a lie that decades later almost ruined two people's lives.

This is grand family saga concerning two families, the Rochefort, owner of Rochefort Industries manufacturers of denim and the Rouvière, owner of a prosperous farm.

Anselme Rochefort proposes to Donatien Rouvière that their families should unit, his son should marry Rouvière daughter. At first, this seems like a marvelous idea, but as the years go and the two families lives gets more and more get intertwined, despite that Anselme tries to stop it. He married off his son for a piece of land, but he doesn't want more of his children falling in love with any of the Rouvières. His greed could be the ruin of his family and a deep dark secret concerning his older's daughter's death could destroy the love of two young people.

When it comes to books that are almost 500 pages long you really need a story, a well-written story that can keep the readers interest up. Christian Laborie has really managed that. Even though the story of the two families' takes up decades as the children of Rochefort and Rouvière grow ups and new children were born it never really gets boring. I think one thing that makes everything work besides the good writing is that Laborie includes real life events like WW1. Reading a family set in a historical setting needs to in a good way incorporate everything that was happening around the time frame.

The big secret wasn't that secret, in my opinion, I just kept waiting for it to be reviled. But the ramification of it made the last part of the books really intense to read. I needed the truth to come out, it couldn't end so badly. This is actually a book that I really needed a Happy Ever After ending or else it would destroy me. I'm not a big fan of instalove, but damn it, some people just are meant to be!

I enjoyed reading this book very much and I'm looking forward to reading more books by Laborie in the future.

I received a copy from the publisher and france book tours in return for an honest review!

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