Wednesday 22 April 2015

Old Earth by Gary Grossman

Old Earth by Gary Grossman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Galileo Galilei makes in 1601 a discovery in the mountains of eastern Italy that could cause turmoil in the world; that could bring down governments and shatter people's faith in religions.

In the present time, a group of people on a university dig in Montana headed by paleontologist Quinn McCauley stumbles over a discovery that a secret group of people for over 400 years have done everything to keep a secret and the secret group will do anything to stop the discovery to be revealed. They stopped Galilei and they have stopped everyone else that has been close to discovering the secret during the centuries. McCauley and fellow paleontologist Katrina Alpert tries to understand what they have found in the mountains at the same time is running out for them...the group will stop at nothing to keep the secret from getting out.


Wow! If I would summarize this book would wow be the right word. I have a weakness for adventures books with secret societies and wild chases across the world. Hell, books like this are probably the only genre that over the top is a good thing. In an adventure's thriller the story should be over the top, the characters should be thrown into impossible situations and I don't even mind if the main characters get a bit close together in the heat of the moment, well as long as they don't decide to do it in a situation when they should think more about running and not smooching. But in this book they didn't act that stupid and I quite enjoyed McCauley and Alpert working together.

This book was fabulous to read and since I have had for years a fascination with dinosaurs was I intrigued by the story from the beginning. But I never imaged that it would be so good, so different from other adventures thrillers I have read and I liked the fact that it wasn't a "religious" hunt, no holy grail or some lost book of Jesus to find. The discovery that Galileo Galilei made was interesting and it was the very discovery that made me in the end give it five stars. It was so fantastic, so mind boggling and it was that kind of discovery that stayed with me after I read the last page. I'm still a bit amazed by it and it has been days since I read the book.

I received a copy from the publisher and Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours in return for an honest review!

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