Wednesday 31 May 2017

#BlogTour The Kazak Contract by Paul Purnell (@purnell14) @Authoright

James Ballantyne travels to Kazakhstan on a minor diplomatic assignment. A simple task, but he falls for the glamorous aide Ocksana Petrova, sent to guide him through the process. Fate leads him to the rescue of a US special agent who is the target of assassination by the Kazak authorities.
What should Ballantyne do? Should he be led by duty or compassion?
Events force his hand and he recruits smugglers to get the agent away from Kazakhstan. The escape route is dangerous and it becomes clear they are being monitored every inch of the way. Is his new love, Ocksana, behind the surveillance? Or has his own team been infiltrated?
Getting out of Kazakhstan alive will draw upon all of James’s military skills, and a lot of luck. With ambush and deception along the way, will he make it to the border and safety? How can he protect his lover? This journey through a wild country stretches every nerve.

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Author Spotlight

Paul Purnell is a barrister with forty years' experience in Criminal Law. Having graduated from Oxford (Law), he spent five years in the Army, serving in Germany and the UK. He then became a trial lawyer, spending eight years as Treasury Counsel at The Central Criminal court (Old Bailey.) where he prosecuted some of the heaviest trials. After taking Silk (QC), he has engaged in cases in the Cayman Islands and in most courts throughout England. For seventeen years he was a Recorder of the Crown Court, sitting as a judge at The Central Criminal Court and elsewhere.

Paul distils this experience into highly readable stories ranging from the wild experiences of a small time crook on the first day of his freedom, to the mysterious events among a group of travelers in a storm tossed inn during a storm. They are a true medley of tales which capture the imagination. Perhaps reflecting some of the people and events from his unique experience, plus a broad dollop of his imagination.

Three volumes of his short stories have been published on Kindle, with mostly five-star reviews. He will be publishing further stories and novellas this year. His latest novel fits neatly into the thriller/adventure genre. It features James Ballantyne, an ex-army minor diplomat travelling to Kazakhstan on contract business. His duty conflicts with his sense of fair play and leads him directly into bloodshed and gunfire.

Paul makes use of his experience of Astana to flesh out this exciting tale. No one who has been to that capital can forget the Space Age architecture and the mixture of crime and opulence which breeds there. The second book in the series will be published shortly.

POP C.V. superficial facts 

Barrister (QC for 20)—Senior Bencher of Inner Temple. 

Recorder (part time judge) for 17 Years -sitting at Old Bailey and other courts. 

Ex Mental Health Tribunal Chairman. 

Spent 5 years in army (4 /7 Royal Dragoon Guards) served in Germany +UK 

(Fished a finger out of tank turret trying to save gunner's hand!) 

Motorcycle enthusiast (rode in Le Touquet Enduro race 1999) 


Father of 3---grandfather of 5. 

Francophile -speaks poor French-has cottage in France. 

Roman military history enthusiast --- writes action thrillers (The James Ballantyne Series) and historical fiction. 

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