Sunday 7 May 2017

#BookReview: Singöspionen (The Singö Spy) by Johan Kant and Anders Gustafson

Singöspionen by Johan Kant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The 62-year-old police detective Solbritt Andersson and her husband, Rune, have achieved their dream and bought a summerhouse at Singö in Roslagen. By a neighbor, they are told of the Singö murder, which occurred at the nearby naval base in 1986, shortly after Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered. Although the naval base was well-guarded, the perpetrator managed to disappear without a trace, and the murder is still unsolved.

Solbritt can't stop herself during the vacation from doing her own investigations. But, the search for the truth that starts off as an interesting hobby will get the attention from people that are prepared to do everything to prevent her from learning the truth.


When I got the third book in this series did I do something I usually don't do. I started from the beginning. I heeded the advice from my mother who read them from the start and who thought it would be wise to read from the beginning so that everything would be clear when I got to the third book. I decided to listen to the audiobook narrator by Katarina Ewerlöf. And, that was a good choice since she is an excellent narrator.

The Singö Spy, is the first stand-alone book in a series about Solbritt Andersson, a 62-year-old police detective who during a vacation finds out that around 30 years before a murder was committed on the island. It was a mysterious murder, no one was caught and no one understood why the man was killed. And, it happened the day after the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme, so the police were busy dealing with that. So, Solbritt decides to do some digging. However, it does seem like some people wants her to leave the case alone, and soon she gets a written threat to leave it alone, but that, just makes her more eager to find out the truth.

The Singö Spy, is a thrilling and engrossing book to listen to. I found myself quite taken with the story and its characters, not to mention the wonderful description of Singö. The book is the kind that I really enjoy to read thanks to a combination of interesting personal lives and the mysterious cold case that is just the start of bigger things for Solbritt. Speaking of Solbritt, it's really refreshing to read about a woman in her 60s. I mean I'm happy when an author dares to write about women over 40 so this was really cool. And, she is a tough woman, with a happy marriage and a loving relationship with her grandchildren. Her granddaughter Isabelle is spending the summer with them and she will also experience a lot of things during the summer.

I quite enjoyed this book, however, you really need to keep on reading the next couple of books because some things will be solved in this book, but this is just the start. It's like throwing a rock in a lake and see the waves that spread like rings on the water. Solbritt starting to investigate the murder is the rock, and the waves are everything that will happen because of it. 

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