Sunday 25 June 2017

#BookReview Ice Lake: by John A. Lenahan @KillerReads

Ice Lake: by John A. Lenahan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Deep in the woods of North-Eastern Pennsylvania, the body of a man is found – shot three times, once in the back of the head, dumped under the trees where the local kids will find him.

When psychologist Harry Cull arrives in the picturesque town of Ice Lake to help with the murder investigation, he begins to unravel a web of lies and deceit that leads from the close-knit community to the dark heart of the Fracking industry.

It’s not long before the second corpse turns up, a lawyer left for dead in the forest, and Harry finds himself on the trail of a twisted killer – who will do anything to keep the town’s darkest secrets buried.


The cover fooled me into believing it was a story set in the winter. But, I soon learned that I was wrong. I didn't mind it, but it's interesting how a cover can make you expect something like that.

Ice Lake starts off with a man getting shot to death by someone unknown. Pennsylvania State Trooper Edward Cirba calls his friend psychologist Harry Cull to come and help him with the case since ex-cop Cull has a knack for knowing if someone is lying. Cirba and Cull met at a conference in Las Vegas and that was a memorable experience that included a visit to a strip bar that Cirba has forbidden Cull to ever bring up again. Of course, Cull doesn't mind mentioning the strip bar now and then.

I found the book to be entertaining to read, but at the same time did I feel that I had some difficulties to really get into the story. I mean, I loved the banter between Cirba and Cull, their friendly relationship made the book quite fun to read. Also, a small town, with eccentric people with a lot of secrets are usually my kind of thing. However, the story never really clicked for me, but I can't say that I was bored either. I liked the book, but it lacked thrilling moments and a stronger story.

Ice Lake is an OK book, no more no less. I liked Cirba and Cull so much that I would love to read more about them in more books. I did, however, feel that Cull, who has been quite an ordeal in his life was surprisingly cool about it. I can't reveal what happened, but I would have expected a man to be a bit more broken than Cull seemed to be. And, it bothered me a bit. I guess I prefer my main characters to suffer more anxiety and be more complex.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review! 

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