Sunday 14 April 2019

#BookReview The Buried Girl by Richard Montanari @RRMontanari

The Buried Girl by Richard Montanari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When New York psychologist Will Hardy's wife is killed, he and his teenage daughter Bernadette move into Godwin Hall, a dusty, shut-up mansion in the small town of Abbeville, Ohio.

Meanwhile, Abbeville Chief of Police Ivy Holgrave is investigating the death of a local girl, convinced this may only be the latest in a long line of murders dating back decades - including her own long-missing sister.

But what place does Will's new home have in the story of the missing girls? And what links the killings to the diary of a young woman written over a century earlier?


My favorite kind of book is those that make me discover new authors. Like this one, The Buried Girl by Richard Montanari took me by surprise. I partly read and partly listened to the audio version and I had a blast. When I read did I forget to check how many percents I had read (The good and bad thing about ebooks). When I listened to the book did the job go so much better since I was so caught up in this story that I breezed through my job.

This is the kind of crime novel I love to read. I'm a big fan of cold cases and trust me these cases go back in time, a long way. And, they don't stop. Now it seems like Will and his daughter Detta, who has left NY for a brighter future, have gone from a bad situation to a worse one. The loss of Will's wife and Detta's mother weights heavily on their shoulders. A new start seems like a great idea. And Abbeville seems to be such a lovely place. Meanwhile, Ivy, third generation Ivy, is linking a new murder to old ones. For a long time has girls gone missing, and she is starting to see a pattern...

I loved Will, Detta, and Ivy so much that I hope that this is not a stand-alone. And, when you think about how it all ended does it feel like at least one more book could be written about Abbeville. The Buried Girl was so good that I went straight from this book to listening to The Echo Man by the author. Now I want to read everything he has written!

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