Thursday 28 April 2016

NetGalley Readathon: Wednesday recap

Day 3 recap! 

Finished Lost Among the Living, a very, very good book! 

Lost Among the Living - Simone St. James 

Started and DNF'd Devour by Kurt Anderson!

Devour - Kurt Anderson 

Started The Last Days of Night and read 10% of the book and it's good. But I will put the book on hold since it's not released until 20 September and I have more important books that I need to finish. Like 2 blog tour books! 

The Last Days of Night: A Novel - Graham Moore 

Thoughts: I did request a book yesterday, but I blame peer pressure. And, my weakness for mystery books...Arrowood looks so interesting...

Arrowood: A Novel - Laura McHugh 

I also got The Last Days of Night yesterday LOL! You know, one review one book and get 1-5 books granted...;) 

I did however finally DNF'd a book instead of forcing myself through it. I keep on telling myself to DNF books, but a part of me want's to finish things and sometimes that part wins...

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