Sunday 17 July 2016

Weekly Update!

Weekly Update!

A whole new week has almost gone by and I worked this Friday my last 4 hour a day for at least 4 weeks. Tomorrow it's time to work 8 hours a day instead. And weirdly, I look forward to it. Not just earning more money, but listening to audiobooks is something I begone to enjoy quite a lot while working and just think how much I can listen during an 8-hour shift. 

I've gotten a whole lot of ARC's this week, which booth great and a bit daunting. But, I feel that my reading slump has passed and now I'm almost back to normal. I also had some great news this week from S:t Martin Press with two widgets sent to me for books I've been declined. A Terribly Beauty by Tasha Alexander  and Night and Day by Iris Johansen. I had already gotten Iris Johansen's book from Fresh Fiction, but still, it made me very happy. It's always a bit sad when you get rejected for books that you really want.

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  1. Where does it end? Wonderful ARC's. Tasha Alexander is great. Have fun!