Wednesday 26 October 2016

Blog Tour: After The Texans by Declan Milling

After The Texans Blurb

Having exposed the corrupt government in Papua New Guinea, the UN’s carbon market watchdog is riding high. But Emil Pfeffer, its head of market integrity, is in meltdown. The UN investigation has been shelved and his girlfriend, Johanna, has been kidnapped as insurance that his inquiries will go no further.

Wracked by guilt and desperate to find her, Emil finds himself thrust into the high-stakes battle being waged for control of the world’s remaining fossil fuel resources.

It's economic war for hegemony over the future of global energy, being played out against a backdrop of Australian domestic politics, where coal mining and the Great Barrier Reef are locked in a fight to the death.

After The Texans is the second novel in the Carbon Black series

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About Declan Milling

Declan Milling has over thirty years experience as an environmental lawyer. Born in Australia,he holds degrees in science and law and a masters degree in environmental law. Currently based in the United Kingdom, Milling divides his time between London and Edinburgh. His first novel, Carbon Black, was released in 2014.

Learn more about the Carbon Black series: 

Carbon Black, the first book in the series, is set at the end of this decade. It introduces Emil Pfeffer, an UN bureaucrat with the body charged with making the global carbon market work. He’s a pretty self-contained sort of guy who is on top of things until one of his staff is killed while on assignment in PNG. He goes there to look into what happened and things just don’t add up. Then something else happens: he meets Dr Johanna Dorn, a researcher working in Port Moresby, and is smitten. Trying to get to the bottom of what happened to his colleague, Emil finds himself fighting on three sides – with the shady characters standing behind the PNG government, with the anti-market environmental protesters, and with his own colleagues – while trying to get Johanna interested. It all builds to a crescendo with a twist that leads into ‘After the Texans…’ 

This second book in the series finds Emil running off the rails: Johanna has been kidnapped and he blames himself. He is torn between doing what he can to find her and just getting on with his work and leaving that job to the police. Events take him to Hong Kong and then on to Australia, where there are a number of twists and turns, as he pursues evaporating leads and ghosts from the events in PNG, before circumstances take some even more unexpected spins that fling Emil and the other characters towards the third, as yet unwritten, book in the series.

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