Sunday 26 February 2017

The Cubit Quest by Trevor Leck Blog Tour

Twelve-year-old Charlie Watkins could have inherited his dad’s massive intellect.
He got his massive feet instead.

Perhaps if Charlie had that intellect he might have been able to figure out why so many men in suits were suddenly following him or where his dad hid the Cubit - a mythical object that men have sworn to protect and even more have died trying to possess - before his so-called accident.

If starting yet another new school wasn’t bad enough, Charlie meets Mr Leopold, a disfigured, mind-reading lunatic and discovers that he alone must find the Cubit if he is to save his dad. The Brotherhood, however, have other ideas. Led by the ruthless Draganovic, they will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. With the help of Mr Leopold and fellow new boy Elvis, Charlie sets out on The Cubit Quest.

Hunting for the Cubit, playing football, lessons with the dreaded Funeral Face and unsuccessfully avoiding school bully Grimshaw by day, Charlie finds his nights no less complicated. Stalked in his dreams, he’s soon immersed in a world of power struggles, battling dragons and duels to the death. With the Brotherhood hot on his heels and as the bullets begin to fly, there are no guarantees that Charlie, or anyone else, will make it to the end in one piece.

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Book Spotlight for THE CUBIT QUEST by TREVOR LECK 

Twelve-year-old Charlie Watkins had accepted that he had to move into a tiny house that looked like it could fall down around his ears at any moment. He’d accepted that he was going to start yet another new school. He’d accepted the fact that he didn’t have a friend in the world – after all, even his imaginary friend got so fed up of moving that he simply vanished one day. But what he couldn’t accept, however, was the thought that he’d never have a normal conversation with his dad again. The accident had changed everything. 

And if starting yet another new school wasn’t bad enough, Charlie meets Mr Leopold, a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, mind-reading lunatic, whose facial scar is so large it looks like someone tried to cut the top of his head off and not made a particularly good job of it. Worse still, within minutes of stepping into school he meets, and makes an enemy of, school bully, James Grimshaw. Even the teachers are no better, especially Mrs Graves or Funeral Face as everyone calls her behind her back as her stern looks make her look like she’s permanently attending a funeral. Finally, Charlie meets someone who doesn’t want to do him harm, fellow new boy, Elvis. The good news doesn’t stop there. Contrary to what the doctors said, namely that there was nothing more they could do for his father, Charlie discovers there is indeed a way to bring him back from whatever dark place he now finds himself in. All he has to do is to find something called the Cubit. All he knows about is… well, nothing. Never mind where it he, he has no idea what it is. So, with the help of Mr Leopold and Elvis, Charlie sets out on the Cubit Quest.
However, Charlie’s not the only one desperate to get his hands on something as highly prized as the Cubit. A ruthless collective of suit-wearing thugs, known only as the Brotherhood, want it too – and they have their own desperate methods of ensuring that they are the ones who acquire it. Led by the deadly and equally mysterious ‘Red Dragon’, a man with more power than most men could only dream of and who sounds like every James Bond villain rolled into one, he cares little for those who get in his way – and if that means eliminating one small boy, then so be it.

Hunting for the Cubit, playing football against local league and cup rivals, the Preston Pansies (who win by every dirty trick in the book, and by some that aren’t even written down!), lessons with the dreaded Funeral Face and avoiding (rather unsuccessfully) school bully Grimshaw by day, Charlie finds his nights no less complicated. Witnessing the building of a superstructure in his reoccurring dreams isn’t a problem for Charlie: being stalked by something that he suspects is significantly larger than himself is. No idea of the new world he now finds himself in, or any of the rules that govern that world, Charlie’s soon having to deal with mythical creatures, titanic battles and, even more worryingly for him, duels to the death.

Racing towards a climactic end, and with the Brotherhood hot on his heels, Charlie wants nothing more than to find the Cubit, rescue his dad and escape with his life. However, as the bullets, quite literally, begin to fly there are no guarantees that he, or anyone else for that matter, will make it to the end in one piece.

About the author:

Living in Telford, Shropshire, Trevor Leck has been dabbling in writing for over fifteen years. Always a fan of gripping adventure stories he has taken inspiration from his favourite authors, including John Grisham and J K Rowling, and the towns and cities he grew up, especially North Shields, to create his Young Adult series.

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