Tuesday 9 February 2016

The Big Brush-off by Michael Murphy

The Big Brush-off by Michael Murphy
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Jack & Laura are back in a new adventure!

In this book, Jack and Laura travel to Hanover, Pennsylvania, because Jack needs somewhere where he can start a new Blackie Doyle book. His agent Mildred has strictly told him that he must write a really good book or less his contract won't be renewed. But Jack also has another reason for choosing Hanover as the town to stay as he writes his first chapters. Jack's last case for Pinkerton was in Hanover. And, the last case is a case that he has never forgotten because it was never solved. A young woman was killed and her killer was never caught. Could Jack after ten years finally find the killer?


It was great to return to the 30s and once again read another Jack & Laura mystery. For one thing, I love movies from this period and the fact that Laura is an actress that's working with some of the biggest names of the time is marvelous. And, that she seems to have a past history with William Powell is interesting. Now she is slated to star against Clark Gable, unfortunately, he was never in this book. But perhaps in the next book...

The mystery of a murdered teenager girl is tragic, especially since the killer has never been caught. And, now the time is running out for the girl's mother who is dying. But taking on this case is not easy for Jack, most of the townspeople want him to quit trying to find the killer and open up old wounds and he has a very important book to write. But he is not the one to give up.

This is the kind of charming adventure book I love to read. I do wish that it had been more Hollywood stars in this book. I love cameos from known actors. And, the one I'm most looking to see beside William Power is Humphrey Bogart. I know, Laura is going to star alongside Clark Gable, and that will be interesting. But. Bogart in this series, well wouldn't it be perfect when you think about what kind of movies he starred in?

One thing I really enjoyed was getting to know Mildred, Jack's agent, better. She has always been a tough dame, but learning more about her and her life really made me like her very much. This was a good book, I liked the case more than the last book, probably because it was more personal for Jack and also because it was not easy to figure out who the killer was.

I want to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

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