Thursday 3 March 2016

Cover Crush: Lost on Mars by Paul Magrs

Erin over at Flashlight Commentary is the one that came up with the cover crush idea and I loved it so much that I decided that every Thursday would I post a cover that I really love.

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Today I almost forgot to post a Cover Crush. This is actually not the first time I almost did that. I quite used to now to remember this around afternoon LOL!  What cover am I to gush over to today? I thought I would go through my Gorgeous Cover tag on Goodreads and see what I have there...

This time, the cover is not a historical fiction or a crime novel. It's a Science Fiction novel, and it's even YA a genre I usually stay quite far away from. But the cover is awesome and the blurb makes me really eager to read the book...despite being YA!

Epic SF adventure in a vast and hostile landscape. For 10+, first in a trilogy.

With the scale and scope of the great science fiction epics, Lost on Mars tells the story of Lora and her family, settlers on the red planet struggling to survive in incredible circumstances. The family clings to life on a smallholding, surviving storms and sinister rumours of people disappearing – until one night Lora sees the Dancers. When her father and grandmother disappear, Lora and her family are driven out to seek a new life across the plains. But none of them are ready for what they find – the beautiful, dangerous City Inside.

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