Friday 17 June 2016

Incarnation by Laura Davis Hays Blog Tour

Paperback: 388 pages
Publisher: Terra Nova Books (March 1, 2016)

When Kelsey Dupuis takes a job working in a genetic engineering lab in the high desert of New Mexico, she begins to suffer from oceanic nightmares that soon escalate into waking visions, warnings, pleas for help, and finally visitations from a dark-braided, green-eyed girl named Iriel. Kelsey wrestles with the notion that Iriel could be a past life self who once lived in an ancient watery place no longer on this earth. At the same time, she confronts ethical issues at work, and a lover who becomes more and more abusive. As Kelsey seeks the truth, she learns that Iriel escaped an arranged marriage in her own time, and lived to witness the destruction of her ancient homeland, helpless, despite her formidable powers, to stop it.

Incarnation is the story of one woman's confrontation with history as she learns the meaning of a soul-twin's life and its karmic implications. Forced to relive her deepest fears, Kelsey is able to face her entwined past and present with courage, innovation, and forgiveness in order to break the chain, free her soul-twin, and become more truly herself.

Laura Davis Hays beautifully written and deeply imaginative novel, Incarnation, is at once a thrilling adventure, a fantastical journey in time and a complex love story. Skillfully weaving ancient and modern, science and spirit, Davis Hays makes a powerful case for the limitation of purely rational solutions in the face of the fragility of this beautiful and chaotic world. This original and visionary novel allows us to experience fantasy as real and reality as magic.Susana Guillaume, Author, playwright, actress, Girl Facing West

In smart and elegant language, Hays deftly weaves equal parts of science, romance, adventure and fantasy into a captivating novel that invites the reader to consider the interconnectedness of the past, present, and future. Linda Durham, Founder/Director, The Wonder Institute

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As they drove into Bandelier National Monument, a breathtaking

canyon opened up below the road. Harrison told her the cliff face

was full of caves where the Indians once made their homes high
above the canyon floor. They avoided the museum, and the main
ruins trail, crossed a footbridge, and entered a shady woods along
the creek. The air was rich with the scent of pine.

“You see dozens of them here,” Harrison said when they came
upon a grazing doe and her fawn. “They’re practically tame.”
“What about the Indians? Were the deer tame then?”
He cocked his head. “I’ve never heard of domesticated deer.”
Walking the soft trail, feeling dwarfed by the towering vertical
walls of the canyon and the long history of the place, her large
question surfaced.

“You know I’ve been reading those books Marigold gave me about
reincarnation.” She’d come to rely on Harrison’s free and
sometimes wild ideas in relation to the strange events of her
therapy. Now Kelsey moved in front of him as the trail narrowed.
“It would explain a lot of things. But I can’t see it, or feel it?
Right? No one has any certain experience of it.”
“There are lots of things we can’t see that are true. We’ve learned
that through science.”

“But in science we have proof.”
“Proof is the tedium, the washing of dishes after the intuitive feast.
Maybe some things are beyond proof.”

About Laura Davis Hays

Laura Davis Hays is the award winning author of Incarnation, a metaphysical thriller set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a remote Island off the coast of Belize, and the lost continent of Atlantis. She is also the author of the forthcoming fantasy series, The Atlantis Material, and a collection of linked stories set in Denmark, her ancestral homeland, in the early part of the 20th century.

Laura writes with a mind balanced between right and left-brain capabilities that leads to a combination of flights of fancy and complexity of structure in her work.

A graduate of Rice University, Laura lives in Santa Fe with her husband, Jim, and two cats, Rufus and Dexter.

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