Thursday 9 February 2017

#BookReview The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths

The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Boiled human bones have been found in Norwich's web of underground tunnels. When Dr Ruth Galloway discovers they are recent - the boiling not the medieval curiosity she thought - DCI Nelson has a murder enquiry on his hands.

Meanwhile, DS Judy Johnson is investigating the disappearance of a local rough sleeper. The only trace of her is the rumour that she's gone 'underground'. This might be a figure of speech, but with the discovery of the bones and the rumours both Ruth and the police have heard of a vast network of old chalk-mining tunnels under King's Lynn, home to a vast community of rough sleepers, the clues point in only one direction. Local academic Martin Kellerman knows all about the tunnels and their history - but can his assertions of cannibalism and ritual killing possibly be true?

As the weather gets hotter, tensions rise. A local woman goes missing and the police are under attack. Ruth and Nelson must unravel the dark secrets of The Underground and discover just what gruesome secrets lurk at its heart - before it claims another victim.


The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths is book nine in the Ruth Galloway series and I'm wondering if this series had done it's best for me and it's time to move on. It's a bit of a sad thought since I found the first books quite good, but this book and the one before has just not worked out so well for me.

The story in this book was not that bad, at first, for the first 40-50% of the book was it interesting to read about the murdered tramps and the missing women, but then the story started to drag and I found myself more and more annoyed with the character in the book and their ignorance and intolerance. And, it hit me that I just don't like anyone character except Cathbad and he was hardly in the story this time. There are so many times during the book's story that I find myself frustrated with the lack of religious understanding or plain ignorance. I don't even like Ruth Galloway especially much.

Then we have the ending that fell flat and was utterly boring. It is just not fun when you spend a day reading a book, and it feels like you have wasted the time. The archeology aspect was what drove me to start reading this book, but not even it feels interesting anymore. Now, I'm not even sure if it's worth reading future books and as I said before it's a bit sad when a series you have enjoyed just doesn't work anymore...

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

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