Tuesday 18 April 2017

#BookReview The Sandcastle Sister by Lisa Wingate

The Sandcastle Sister by Lisa Wingate
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*An Outer Banks Novella*

I want to be like this stretch of freshly cleared shore. At times I think, I'm ready. Let the waves wash over me. But then I catch myself running from the tide just before it happens . . .

New York editor Jen Gibbs knew when she bought Evan Hall's next blockbuster book, it would change her career. She didn't know it would change her life. But after being sent along on the European book tour, at Evan's request, she has made a promise she's not sure she can keep--she's crossed professional lines and accepted Evan's surprising engagement proposal. Now she's scared to death. In Jen's family, marriage represents the death of every dream a woman holds for herself.

Can the revelation of her mother's long-held secret open the doors to Jen's future and change her beliefs about life and love?


When I read The Sea Keeper's Daughters (book 3 in the Carolina series) did I not know how much I would come to love that book, or rather love the whole series. But, the story was so gripping and beautiful that I bought the previous two books in the series and loved them as well. The Sandcastle Sisters is the last novella that I had left to read. Now I just hope that Lisa Wingate will write another book in the series.

The Sandcastle Sister takes place after The Story Keeper and it's like an interlude to the book with Jen Gibbs trying to decide if she should marry Evan Hall or not. She has said yes to his proposal, but in her family marriage is more like slavery for women than an equal union. A call from her sister makes her head home to find out more about her mother's family and perhaps decide if she dares marry the man she loves.

This sweet little novella made me remember how much I love the Carolina series. I loved reading about Jen again and the story was pleasant albeit short. Hence, the 3-star rating. I liked the novella, but at the same time, it's like an appetizer when I want a full meal. When the story really starts to get somewhere it ends. At the same time, it was a nice ending. I just want more!

You should definitely read this book if you have read the previous books/novellas in this series and if you have never read The Carolina series should you really do it! 

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