Sunday 3 September 2017

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The Accident by S.D. Monaghan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One mistake could change your life forever.

Tara has it all. Married and about to move into her dream home, she can’t explain why she is tempted by one last fling with her ex before she settles down.

David would do anything for Tara. So when he finds her with another man, his world starts to crumble around him.

Ryan isn’t prepared for the punch David throws at him. Stumbling, he slips over the balcony and falls three storeys to the patio below. In one split second a man will be killed. In one split second David and Tara’s life will change forever.

How far would you go to save everything you have?

A twist-filled thriller for fans of The Couple Next Door, T.M. Logan and Rachel Abbott.


One mistake. That's is all it took for Tara and David's life to go haywire. One mistake that quickly turned their life into a living hell. Now, they have to figure out how to get out of the mess.

The Accident is a fast-paced thriller that thrilled me from the beginning until the end. Tara's mistake of having one last fling with her ex quickly unravel her and David's life. At first was I unsure about how I felt about David and Tara, but as the story progressed and through flashbacks did we get to know them, how they met, etc. did I start to feel that I liked them more and more and wanted them somehow getting out of the mess. And, what a mess, this is like one of those movies when everything keeps getting worse, every decision just pulls David or Tara deeper into a web of duplicity and danger. I loved it! I loved the twist and turns and I loved that you never knew for sure what was going on.

The Accident is a fabulous book. I came to really like David and Tara, how they each had to figure out a way out of the mess that Tara's fling and David punch created. I love the whole chain reaction story, and there were several times during the books progressed when I thought "what now? What can go wrong now?"

The Accident is a great thriller (Although the cat scene towards the end of the book could I have lived without) and I recommend it warmly!


S. D. Monaghan grew up in Dublin before travelling extensively in Asia, Europe and America. After teaching English in Thailand for two years, he moved back to Ireland and gained an honours degree in psychology.

While living in Canada for four years, he studied screenwriting in Toronto. S. D. Monaghan completed the Masters in Creative Writing at Trinity College, Dublin with the editorial guidance of the Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Ford and Orange Prize nominee, Deirdre Madden. On the strength of his work there, he was chosen to represent both the university and the Oscar Wilde Writers’Centre to read excerpts at the Dublin Publishers Festival and on Dublin Culture Night.

He lives in Dublin with his wife, where he is currently working on his new novel. He is represented by Zoe Ross at United Agents.

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