Friday 3 March 2017

#BookReview Where the Lost Girls Go by R.J. Noonan

Where the Lost Girls Go by R.J. Noonan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rookie cop Laura Mori catches her first investigation when the fiery crash of a sports car lights up the night sky. The fire burns the body beyond recognition, but the police are able to identify the car as that of Kent Jameson, celebrity author and benefactor of Sunrise Lake. And Jameson fears that the unidentified body is his seventeen-year-old daughter Lucy, who stormed out of the house that night after an argument.

When lab reports reveal that the body was not Lucy, but a teen runaway named Kyra whose disappearance has been linked with other missing persons--more than half a dozen “lost girls” who disappeared while living on the streets of Portland--the investigation takes a drastic turn. How did Kyra come to land at the Jameson estate in rural Oregon, and what was she doing driving their car? And who cut the brake lines on the vehicle?

Just when Laura is making progress in the case, she comes across a suspicious lane in the forest that uncovers new evidence that will once again alter the course of the investigation and rock Sunrise Lake to its core. R. J. Noonan's electrifying mystery will resonate with fans of Lisa Gardner and Lisa Jackson.


I have to admit that the cover was the first thing that made me want to read Where the Lost Girls Go, that and the great title. So, it was a plus that the blurb made the book seem very interesting.

Rookie cop Laura Mori has finally gotten her first case when a young girl crashes her car. However, this is not an open and shut case. It seemed that the body in the car doesn't belong to the owner's daughter Lucy. So, who is the dead girl in the car and where is Lucy?

I really liked Laura Mori. I liked that she is new to the job, her problems with her family and that she has a crush on the neighbor guy for years and that he doesn't seem to notice that. All this made her very likable and human. The case is also interesting, especially when Mori discovers that more girls have gone missing and that Lucy's family and those are are acting a bit weird. And, then there are all those kids out in the woods living there with their leader Prince (yup his name, hard to take someone serious with that nickname) Unfortunately, despite the interesting case did I feel that the story never really got really thrilling. Not boring either, it was just OK. I think the problem was that I never really got surprised over the turns of events in the book. There was no great twist.

Where the Lost Girls Go is a decent book, and I would definitely read more about Laura Mori because I found her to be an interesting character.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review! 


  1. I would like to know more about the leader, Prince. Why did the girls follow him?