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Secret Demon 2 by C.L Ryan Blog Tour

Once again the Murphy household is in chaos, and on top of that a rogue Demon is on the loose and has taken up residence on the estate, with dire consequences. Tom is still working away, leaving Patsy alone and struggling with day to day living and her own Demon. Megan has a very important cooking exam to pass, but money is short for the ingredients. Bonfire night, which is the biggest night of the year is approaching fast, and Patsy cooks for the whole street, and on top of that the family have the worry of being evicted from their house, as they are being relentlessly bullied by the local police Sargent who now knows the families secret. Will they survive?

Published by Mirador 14th March 2017

Book Spotlight

Secret Demon 2 is the second part of a series of six novels. It relates to the astonishing and often harrowing childhood of a girl whose life is beset by abuse and demonic activity.

Once again he Murphy household is in chaos, and we follow Megan through her early years, from the safe haven she left in rural Southern Ireland, back to her family home in England where life is anything but easy.

Sally Smith attended the coroners’ court to hear the verdict on Harold’s death. Relief coursed through her when it was found he died an accidental death. She could move forward. Put all the stress and embarrassment that her relationship with him had caused her, well and truly behind.

It always seems that trouble is around the corner. Even on the first day of her new school, Megan is challenged with a real life and death situation. Help comes in the form of Doctor Darrell Williamson. She still gets to school, though late.

Patsy’s health is still deteriorating, and her brush with the local authority over the colour of her front door causes some concern and mayhem for the local manager dealing with the maintenance, who vows never to step into her house again.

A rogue demon comes to live in the area, causing everyone to be on high alert, Megan’s little friend Stuart, of who she is so fond, is suddenly acting strangely and claiming to hear and see eyes of a wolf that has been calling him frequently. The angels are alerted. Alarm bells ring. Patsy also acknowledges trouble.

Megan is suddenly reunited with her beloved “Second Mum” Sally Smith. Claire and Elaine who are already aware of the demon are keeping an eye on the family. Megan’s admission of Stuart sensing the demon sends them straight into action.

It will soon be bonfire night, the one night of the year the whole street gather expectantly together. The duties of the night are split between families, and the Murphy family are cooking the food. This is making Megan’s head spin. Not only has she got the pressure of preparing all the lists and shopping for the food, Stuart is constantly on her mind, and she just knows he’s in trouble.

It was bonfire night. An old chair was claimed by Patsy, not knowing the significance of her decision.

Megan cooks for a lovely old man each week. Mr Rodgers lives up the road, and when visiting him one day, Megan notices the top flat being cleared by the local authority. She asked the two workmen if can have all the wooden furniture for the bonfire. They agree. A fortune is found the next day and the police are called with inevitable consequences.

The bonfire night is a great success, Stuart did not turn up and the police arrive. He is missing. Worry from everyone fills the air. An attack by the rogue demon at the end of the night starts a chain of events that will culminate in this whole chapter’s inevitable conclusion.

Letters from the authorities are constantly arriving. Megan spies the words one day looking over her mother’s shoulder. Eviction, arrears, threats. A debt collector calls shouting through the letterbox. Patsy sees him off but realizes he won’t be the last. Father Quinn calls in surprising them all. He was drunk and threatening. Everything was now starting to spiral out of control. Sergeant William Brown discovers the family’s secret, wants them evicted. The plot thickens……..

Blodwyn’s spirit, Patsy’s dead mother visits Megan one night. She reassures her everything will be alright. It was a beautiful encounter, one that Megan would never forget. She passed on a message to her mother from Blodwyn. It took its toll, collapsing her onto the floor.

Megan’s cooking exam looms. She can’t raise the £2 needed for the ingredients. Making do with ten shillings that Sally gave her. She was off to a slow start. The exam is a great success or so she thought. The examiner is the wife of Sergeant Brown, and decides to sabotage the whole day with dire consequences.

The night’s battle to shut down the rogue demon arrives. Megan is called to help Patsy and her demon aide the two archangels who are sent to earth to destroy this being. Little Stuart Green is seen hanging over the rogue demons shoulder.
Eviction day. The saved chair. Surprising results. Claire Branning calls Sergeant Brown is called to account.

This book draws you in. Enthralls and leaves you wondering where it’s going. The forthcoming book in the series Secret Demon 3, will take you further into the mystery of demons and angels.

About the author:

After over thirty years working in the hospitality sector Bristol-born C.L Ryan is now living in Somerset with her partner. Also a psychic medium C.L Ryan’s life experiences have influenced and inspired her paranormal series Secret Demons. Her other passions are cooking and diving —and she is a qualified BSAC Diving Instructor, BSAC Open Water Instructor and BSAC Advanced Diver— completing dives around the world from Tobago to Minorca and closer to home in Cornwall. Her first book Secret Demon 1 was published by Mirador December 2015.

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