Tuesday 18 April 2017

#BookReview The Secret Room by Sandra Block

The Secret Room by Sandra Block
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Her patients are dying. Some are apparent suicides and others possible accidents, but rumors are flying that Dr. Zoe Goldman is an angel of death-intentionally helping hopeless cases go to a "better place" - or, worse yet, a dangerously incompetent doctor.

As a new psychiatry fellow at the local correctional facility, Zoe is still learning the ropes while watching her back to avoid some dangerous prisoners. As the deaths mount up, Zoe is wracked with horror and guilt, feverishly trying to figure out what is going wrong and even questioning her own sanity.

What Zoe doesn't realize is that someone is targeting her patients to get to her. Someone who has access to her deepest secrets and fears. Someone who will stop at nothing to take everything Zoe has, even her life.


I read The Girl Without a Name the previous book in the series two years ago and really liked it and was thrilled to get The Secret Room to read. I haven't read Little Black Lies, but this book deals with what happened in that book by having Zoe's sister in the story. And, that's a subject that intrigued me very much and one some levels did I find it more interesting than the main story about the prisoners that dies. I guess the troubled relationship Zoe has with her sister just fascinates me more since what happened between them that makes Zoe mistrust her. Yeah, I'm trying to be as vague as possible if you haven't read any of the books.

Dr. Zoe Goldman is a new psychiatry fellow at the local correctional facility. Lately has problems arisen with prisoners dying, either by suicide or by accidents. But, they have all been her patients and the prison warden is getting more and more displeased with her and Zoe is racked with guilt and self-doubt. Then, she starts to suspect that someone is helping the prisoners die. But, who could it be, could someone of the prisoners be after her, but why?

I found the whole prisoner dying plot interesting, Zoe herself suspects a certain person, but I had a feeling that it would be too easy if it was so. However, I had some suspicious feeling that Zoe was played by that person. That even if this person was not the one behind it could it be that the person in question had some knowledge or even helped out. It will be interesting reading the next book to see the consequences of the events in this book.

Besides the hardship at work is Zoe dealing with her own "little" problem, she has learned something that will affect her whole life and she's struggling with this during the book. She has to make a decision and this storyline added quite a lot of drama to the story. But, in a good way. I quite liked this development.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!

The Secret Room by Sandra Block

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