Monday 3 April 2017

#BookReview The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur

The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A sisters’ secret.
A mysterious phenomenon.
A murder that ties it all together.

An emotional, suspenseful novel about the bond between sisters and the secrets we hold to keep our family safe, The Sisters of Blue Mountain is a thrilling mystery that hurtles towards an unexpected ending that will leave readers speechless.

The small town of Mountain Springs, Pennsylvania thrives on the snow geese migration. Each year, the birds flock to the dam, and the tourists follow, filling up Linnet’s Bed and Breakfast.

But one morning Linnet wakes up to discover hundreds of dead geese by the B&B and her life is thrown into the media frenzy when her father―a former ornithology professor―is asked to study the case. As the tourists cancel their plans and Linnet’s father’s health grows increasingly worse, the last thing she expects is to see her estranged sister, Myna, on her doorstep.

Myna has never stayed in one place for long after running from Mountain Springs. Although she and Linnet were close growing up, a family secret broke their bond, and Myna’s return has brought back memories both sisters have tried to keep buried.

When a reporter arrives in town who may have a connection to the sisters’ past, Linnet and Myna are forced to confront the event that tore them apart. But when a young professor who was assisting their father on the case turns up dead―and their father becomes the primary suspect―Linnet and Myna realize that their secret won’t stay hidden for long…


The beautiful cover and the intriguing blurb made me curious about the book. I love reading books about estranged sisters, secrets in the past and I especially I love books set in small towns. The title The Sisters of Blue Mountain also intrigue me very much. 

I took me, to be honest, quite some time to get into the book. It just didn't feel that intriguing as I had hoped it to be and first did I have a hard time connecting with the characters. However, I did not give up and I'm glad to say that the book got better. Still, the story is a bit predictable, the secret not so surprising and the conclusion on the death of the professor was predictable. Still, I did come to like the book more and more as the story progressed. 

What made the story interesting was the bond between the sister, Linnet, and Myna, and the shared secret that in the end came to drive them apart. Growing up with a mother that was depressed was hard on them, and Linnet did in many ways become Myna's mother. And, now with the death of the snow geese's is Myna returning home for the first time in five years and it's interesting to see how the sisters because of everything that's going on have to deal with the past. I loved both the present story on how they have to cope with everything that's going on as through flashbacks the past is revealed.

The Sisters of Blue Mountain did not start off strong, but in the end, it was a book that I came to enjoy reading! 

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

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