Wednesday 27 December 2017

#BookReview The Boy Who Saw by Simon Toyne @Marablaise @HarperCollinsUK

The Boy Who Saw by Simon Toyne
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

‘Who is Solomon Creed? He's the hero of an epic new series of thrillers. Simple as that’ Mark Billingham

The second book in an electrifying new thriller series from Sunday Times bestselling author, Simon Toyne.

Who is Solomon Creed? A dangerous psychiatric patient, who has escaped from a high-security facility in America, or an innocent amnesiac trying to establish his true identity?

His search for the truth about himself takes Solomon to the beautiful southern French town of Cordes. But his arrival coincides with the brutal murder of an elderly French tailor, the words ‘Finishing what was begun’ daubed in blood on the walls.

Instinctively, Solomon knows he must help the tailor’s granddaughter and great grandson escape, and together they go on the run. Their flight, though, will set in motion a terrible sequence of events, leading to the exposure of a far-reaching conspiracy with its origins in the Holocaust but with terrible consequences for modern-day Europe. And what will it mean for Solomon himself?


Like the brave (or foolish) soul I am did I jump straight to this book without having read the first book about Solomon Creed. I mean I do it all the time and this one was not a bit hard to get into, despite it being book two. Who is Solomon Creed? That's a good question, he doesn't know himself so he could be a dangerous psychiatric patient that has escaped from a high-security facility in America (looked up because of a violent deed in the past) or he could just be a man suffering from amnesia. Or he could be something entirely different ... who knows...

Storywise I have to admit did the book not really grab me before the very end when the truth about the murders was revealed and some shocking twist happened. Not that the book bored me, it's a tragic story, and the chapters from a diary of a concentration camp survivor were hauntingly moving and tragic. And I was curious to learn more about Solomon Creed. I would say that this book is perfectly all right, I would definitely read more books in the series. However, for some reason, the story just didn't totally captivate me until the end. I'm however curious to read the first book, both to know more about Solomon and to see if it was the writing style that just didn't agree with me.

I want to thank Harper Collins for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

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