Sunday 17 December 2017

Summary and next week's reading plan

I made a list of books that I planned to read last week. I have lately trying to get through my backlist of NetGalley books and I have pleased to see that this book has been great when it comes to that. On the plus side, there were not many new books approved. Otherwise often it feels like an impossible job with new books being constantly added. But, I think there were just one more books approved, from St. Martins which was a bit of surprise (I usually get declined by them).

All the books that I read. It's strange. I thought that with working full-time would I read less. But listening to books and watching less TV makes it easy to read a lot. And as you all can see, are there a lot of historical fiction among the books I read. That was my goal for the week. And also squeeze in some Swedish books. 

For next week will I try to continue to read books from NetGalley, however, I will also try to get some Edelweiss books done and some books that I've promised to read. And some audiobooks from Storytel. Perhaps, I should add some more days to next week as

It will be interesting to see how many books I will read and if I will be able to stick to this plan...

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