Monday 30 April 2018

#BlogTour Tapestry of War by Jane MacKenzie @JaneFMackenzie @allisonandbusby

Tapestry of War by Jane MacKenzie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the deserts of North Africa, to the waters of Scotland, the Second World War touches the lives of two women from two very different worlds. In Alexandria, Fran finds her world turned upside down as Rommel's forces advance on the idyllic shores of Egypt. The life of luxury and stability that she is used to is taken away as she finds herself having to deal with loss, heartache and political uncertainty. 

Meanwhile, in the Firth of Clyde, Catriona struggles between her quiet rural life and her dreams of nursing injured servicemen on the front lines. As the war rages on, the two women's lives become intertwined - bringing love and friendship to both.


Tapestry of War takes place during WW2 and it's a dual storyline book, with one story set in Alexandra, Egypt and the other story set in Firth of Clyde, Scotland. These two worlds cannot be more different, but through the arrival of a soldier in Alexandria are these two places forever connected. In Alexandria is Fran leaving an idyllic life, however, the threat of war hangs like a cloud over the city as Rommel's forces are progressing towards the city. As a reporter is she writing about the war and is she constantly aware how precious life is, especially when someone close to her dies.

Meanwhile in Scotland is Catriona struggling between what she wants and the demands of her father. She's also missing her brother who is a soldier. Can Catriona in some way combine her dreams for the future, with the ones her father has for her?

Tapestry of war is a story about two women, both dealing with the reality of war and the worry about the future. It's a strong story about daring to follow once heart. At first, did I find the storyline about Fran much more interesting than the one about Catriona. It took some time for me to truly find the footing when it came to Catriona and her life, but there came a turn in her personal life that I hoped would happen and after that did I find her life so much more interesting. As for Fran, I found the setting of Alexandria a plus, the exotic location, with enemies close by and a budding romance with a soldier. All and all is this book truly enjoyable and I recommend historical fiction fans to read this book, especially if you like WW2 books.

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