Sunday 1 April 2018

#BookReview Long Black Curl by Alex Bledsoe @AlexBledsoe ‏

Long Black Curl by Alex Bledsoe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Long Black Curl: a brand-new tale in Alex Bledsoe’s acclaimed urban fantasy series, where magic is hidden in plain sight and age-old rivalries simmer just beneath the surface

In all the time the Tufa have existed, only two have ever been exiled: Bo-Kate Wisby and her lover, Jefferson Powell. They were cast out, stripped of their ability to make music, and cursed to never be able to find their way back to Needsville. Their crime? A love that crossed the boundary of the two Tufa tribes, resulting in the death of several people.

Somehow, Bo-Kate has found her way back. She intends to take over both tribes, which means eliminating both Rockhouse Hicks and Mandalay Harris. Bo-Kate has a secret weapon: Byron Harley, a rockabilly singer known as the “Hillbilly Hercules” for his immense size and strength, and who has passed the last sixty years trapped in a bubble of faery time. He's ready to take revenge on any Tufa he finds.

The only one who can stop Bo-Kate is Jefferson Powell. Released from the curse and summoned back to Cloud County, even he isn't sure what will happen when they finally meet. Will he fall in love with her again? Will he join her in her quest to unite the Tufa under her rule? Or will he have to sacrifice himself to save the people who once banished him?


I made a vow that I would finish all the books in this series before the latest one would be released on 10 April and I made it. It was not a hard task, to be honest, I went through the audio versions of the books quite quickly. 

Long Black Curl is book three and changes are in store for the two fractions of the Tufas when Bo-Kate Wisby comes back. Years ago she was cast out, and one shouldn't be able to come back, but she has done it and she has found the perfect weapon, Byron Harley, to get what she wants, and what she wants is taking over both tribes of the Tufas. The only one that can stop her is her ex-lover Jefferson Powell, who like Bo-Kate was cast out. However, will he really turn on the woman who was once his true love?

Just as with the previous two books did the story in Long Black Curl engross me. I especially loved the part about Byron Harley, the rockabilly singer that survived a plane crash, but as a result, got trapped in a bubble of feary time for sixty years. As for Bo-Kate and Jefferson, Romeo and Juliet of the Tufa's, well let's say that their love story started off bloody and their return, or rather Bo-Kate's return was just as bloody. If you have read the previous book in the series will a lot of familiar names show up in the story. Of course, you can read the books stand-alone, however, if you want to full story, then I recommend reading from the beginning.

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