Friday 24 November 2017

#BlogTour We Have Lost the Chihuahuas by Paul Mathews (@QuiteFunnyGuy) @emmamitchellfpr @Marablaise


London, 2046. The British Republic has a new First Lady. She’s Californian, ‘in-your-face, for sure’ and she’s got big plans for a Buckingham Palace refurb. When her three Chihuahuas go missing, one man is determined to avoid getting dragged into it all. His name is Pond. Howie Pond – presidential spokesperson, retired secret agent and cat lover.

Meanwhile, Howie’s wife Britt is handed her first assignment as a National Security and Intelligence Service rookie – to solve the mystery of the missing canine trio.

Will Howie manage to slope off to the pub before he can be roped into help? Will Britt unmask the dognapper and grab the glory? Find out, in the latest, crazy comedy-thriller from dog-loving British author Paul Mathews.

Author interview

1. Who would be at your dream dinner party (alive, dead or fictional)?

Like Britt Pond, one of main characters, I hate dinner parties (indeed, parties in general). In fact, as far as I can remember, I’ve never attended a formal dinner party. However, the late Douglas Adams would certainly have tempted me if a dinner invitation from him popped through the letterbox.

2. What's the best advice you have ever received?

“You should write a novel!”

3. What's the worst advice you have ever received?

“Go on, just one more drink.”

4. Who is your hero or heroine (real or fictional)?

Arthur Dent from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – he maintains his British sense of humour despite being the last human in existence and wearing nothing more than pyjamas and a dressing gown.

5. Where are you happiest?

Bars, restaurants, football grounds and pool halls.

About the author:

Paul Mathews is a quite funny British guy who's managed to escape his day job and is currently on the run as a comedy novelist. His sharp, satirical - often surreal - sense of humour draws on 20 years as a British Government press officer, during which time he encountered politicians, senior civil servants, HR managers, and lots of other people who really sucked at their jobs.

His popular 'We Have Lost' comedy-thriller series set in 2040s London, starring beleaguered presidential spokesman and wannabe secret agent Howie Pond, currently comprises four titles with more on the way. Paul has read all the books at least ten times and highly recommends them.

Make him happy by signing up for his 'Very Funny Newsletter' here: If you don't want to sign up for it, stay calm and do nothing.

Paul also owns a cat, Lulu, who works as his assistant. All fan mail to her, please.

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