Friday 17 November 2017

#BookReview The Innkeeper's Sister by Linda Goodnight (@LindaGoodnight) @HarlequinBooks @MaraBlaise

The Innkeeper's Sister by Linda Goodnight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Welcome to Honey Ridge, Tennessee, where Southern hospitality and sweet peach tea beckon, and where long-buried secrets lead to some startling realizations…

Grayson Blake always has a purpose-and never a moment to lose. He's come home to Honey Ridge to convert a historic gristmill into a restaurant, but his plans crumble like Tennessee clay when the excavation of a skeleton unearths a Civil War mystery…and leads him back to a beautiful and familiar stranger.

Once a ballet dancer, now co-owner of the Peach Orchard Inn, Valery Carter harbors pain as deep as the secrets buried beneath the mill. A bright facade can't erase her regrets any more than a glass of bourbon can restore what she's lost. But spending time with Grayson offers Valery a chance to let go of her past and imagine a happier future. And with the discovery of hidden messages in aged sheet music, both their hearts begin to open. Bound by attraction, and compelled to resolve an old crime that links the inn and the mill, Grayson and Valery encounter a song of hurt, truth…and hope.


To be honest I'm more of a horror fan than a romance fan. However, I do have one weakness. I love reading books set in the American South and I don't even mind romance that much if I get a good mystery and that was what appealed to me with this book. 

A skeleton found that dates back to the Civil War. I was curious and I wanted to know more. Now, this is the third book in a series, I haven't read the previous two books, but that doesn't hinder one from enjoying this book. If you are anything like me will you probably be eager to get the two books after finishing this one.

Now, the story isn't filled with that many surprises. It was easy to figure out most of what would happen next. However, it's an enjoyable book. Sure, I had moments when I thought the drama between Grayson and Valery dragged out a bit. I mean I wanted to know more about the skeleton from the Civil War not the skeletons from Valery's past. Or rather, it was not hard to figure out what she was hiding and I just wanted her to tell Grayson. But, then again she's a southern belle, and her mama has sworn her never to talk about her problems. Because, you never talk about your problems, you drink instead.

There is also parallel storyline from just after the Civil War about the family that used to live at Peach Orchard Inn before it was an inn and just a farm and I quite enjoyed the back and forth between the present story and the one in the past. Now I just want to know what happened to Valery's nephew that went missing years before. Hopefully, a book in this series will deal with that. 

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

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  1. The American South is an area a bit unknown to me, but I will take mystery and romance in any form. This sounds very readable!