Tuesday 16 January 2018

#BookReview City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child @GrandCentralPub

City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What begins as a manhunt for the missing daughter of a wealthy tech billionaire becomes something altogether different when the young woman's body is discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Kew Gardens, Queens, the head nowhere to be found. It appears there may be two killers on the loose--one responsible for the young woman's death, another responsible for the mutilation. A pair of such dastardly killers requires a team of equally talented investigators. Luckily, both Vincent D'Agosta and Special Agent Pendergast are back in town.

D'Agosta hopes that working a case back on his home turf for the first time in years will reinvigorate the FBI Special Agent and give him an opportunity to flex his investigative might. But neither is prepared to face a killer--or killers--as diabolical as this. It will take all of Pendergast and D'Agosta's intelligence and strength simply to match wits--let alone stay alive.


City of Endless Night is the seventeen book in the Pendergast series, and I have read every single one of them. My personal favorite is the ones that have a slight supernatural element to the story like the first book Relic with the monster in the New York Museum of Natural History, which is why I felt a bit disappointed while reading this one. Don't take me wrong, it's a great thriller, and it's nice to have D'Agosta and Pendergast working together to catch a murderer.

However, it feels just like an ordinary thriller. Sure, the killings and beheadings is an interesting mystery especially since there seems to be no link to the people killed. I just wished that the book had been a bit more extraordinary. Instead, we get a straight-forward thriller, with not a very memorable killer. Well, besides the fact that this is one of the first times that Pendergast goes up against an enemy that seriously could outsmart him. The best part of the book is the end part when the killer and Pendergast face-off and Pendergast truly has to fight for his life against an enemy that is better than him. And, yes that is a very unusual scene since Pendergast is someone that often seems more than human.

City of Endless Night is a good thriller, as always is the writing great and, despite my reservations about the story, did I enjoy reading the book. It's only that I really enjoy when the stories take a more suspenseful feeling when Pendergast is up against something beastly and since the killer in this book is an ordinary killer (well he was psycho, but still very much human) did I get a bit disappointed.

Nevertheless, it's not a bad book, never boring and I enjoyed both the main story and the side stories. 

I want to thank Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

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