Saturday 6 January 2018

#BookMarathon Bout of Books 21: Reading List

As usual when it comes to a reading list will I probably not be able to keep to it 100%, especially if I get a book that I truly want to read during the marathon week.

For the reading list will I try to read eARCs (as usual) and it will be a lot of audio books since I will be working. The best thing is when I find an eARC as an audiobook.

7 Jan Update: Ecstacy by Mary Sharratt is off the list since I'm reading it now, instead have I added Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh. And, then I remembered that I need read The Swedish Girl as well since I'm doing a blog tour for the book the 18 Jan. So...I'm booked! :)



Blog Tour:

Audiobooks (Yes I know I will NEVER get to them all, but I couldn't just pick 3 of them! ;)

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  1. Good luck this week with all your goals. Happy reading! :)