Wednesday 24 January 2018

#BookReview Mayan Mendacity by L.J.M. Owen @Bleuddyn_Coll

Mayan Mendacity by L.J.M. Owen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dr Elizabeth Pimms has a new puzzle.

What is the story behind the tiny skeletons discovered on a Guatemalan island? And how do they relate to an ancient Mayan queen?

The bones, along with other remains, are a gift for Elizabeth. But soon the giver reveals his true nature. An enraged colleague then questions Elizabeth’s family history. Elizabeth seeks DNA evidence to put all skeletons to rest.

A pregnant enemy, a crystal skull, a New York foodie, and an intruder in Elizabeth’s phrenic library variously aid or interrupt Elizabeth’s attempts to solve mysteries both ancient and personal.

With archaeological intrigue, forensic insight and cosy comfort, Mayan Mendacity takes readers back into the world of Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth. Really cold cases.


After finishing the first book in this series, Olmec Obituary, was I quite keen to start the next book. So, of course, it took me a little over one year to get to book two. I finally decided to read this book because I got book three in the series, Egyptian Enigma, and I felt that now is the time to read this one and get straight to book three (which I now have started to read).

I love Indiana Jones and I wanted to be an Archaeologist when I was younger. So, books that future Archaeologists and mysteries are really up my alley! Dr. Elizabeth Pimms had to in the first book give up her dreams of being an Egyptologist to support her family after her father died. In this book, is Elizabeth still missing lost career (at the moment), but both her work and family life have improved. Although the return of her fiance is not the joyous moment she had expected. Thankfully a new project distracts her. Bones have been found on a Guatemalan island, and just as in the first book will we get flashback back to the past, in this case to the Mayas. I just love how the two storylines intertwine throughout the book.

It was a great joy to once again step back into Elizabeth Pimms world. I read the book during one day because the story was so enjoyable and interesting. I loved both the mystery of the skeletons as well as the drama in Elizabeth's world. This is a great series and I recommend it warmly!

I want to thank Bonnier Publishing Australia for providing me with a free copy through Netgalley for an honest review!

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