Thursday 13 July 2017

#BlogTour Contrary to Popular Belief by Neil Anthes #spotlight @Authoright

Did early Christianity evolve from Roman culture and customs? Was it based on truth?
Were the social issues of the early Roman Empire a driving force to adapt old customs to a new philosophy?

A young Hebrew man seeks answers beyond his religious traditions by spending fifteen years travelling and studying spiritual principles in India and Alexandria, Egypt. Upon returning to his homeland his message of self-awareness is feared by the elders and Temple priests.
At the same time the ruling elite in Rome are determined to use this controversy to their advantage. Keen to find a solution to the social and economic issues that have developed after their relentless conquests of foreign lands, they find that the young man's spiritual message can be altered to suit their needs.

Contrary to Popular Belief is a thought-provoking novel inspired by Christian faith, and the quest for truth.

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Neil Anthes grew up in Central Canada, the middle child of six, and always had an interest in human behaviour. In University, he studied Psychology along side the Sciences. Upon graduating he was introduced to meditation, Eastern Mysticism and the teachings of Emmet Fox. These works grabbed his imagination more than his traditional Christian upbringing.

At the age of seventeen he had his first mystical experience which left him in awe of Creation. His perception of Divinity and the relationship between mankind individually and collectively was then different from his religious traditions. He quietly lived his life with this perception. In 2014, he published a book describing these experiences and his perceptions on various aspects of life. The book is entitled Moments in Time.
He had a career in the Medical supply field as an International business manager and small business owner. His employment took him across North America as well as the UK. He retired from that field in 1996 to pursue his passion for photography. He travelled to such places as Eastern and Western Canada, Arizona, France, South Africa, Sicily and Italy to study with professional photographers. He is now a semi-professional photographer who also teaches seminars with his wife of 38 years, Mary, regarding all aspects of digital photography.

Today he lives in the Southern Interior of British Columbia Canada where he is an avid reader of anything related to individual spirituality.


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