Wednesday 19 July 2017

#BookReview How We Found You by J.T. Lawrence (@pulpbooks)

How We Found You by J.T. Lawrence
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Would you sacrifice your son to save your daughter?

There’s something different about Kate’s four-year-old son. He wasn’t created the old fashioned way. Now a violent cult wants him dead and Kate will do anything to protect him – until they take her daughter.

In tomorrow’s world, Kate is haunted by a brutal past. Struggling to navigate a life that seems like an experiment in virtual reality, her paranoia threatens to consume her. But when someone tries to kidnap Mally, she realises she was absolutely right to be afraid.
With only hours to go before the cult's prophecy is to be fulfilled, Kate and Seth face more danger than they’ve ever imagined, desperate to keep him safe. However, the charismatic leader of the cult has other ideas, which puts Kate in an impossible position. Who will she choose to live, and who will she have to sacrifice?

Glimpse JT Lawrence’s chilling vision of the all-too-near future in this dark psychological thriller with a twist that will send you reeling. How We Found You is the second book in the riveting series When Tomorrow Calls.

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I've been putting off writing this review. For some reason are the 5-star reviews sometimes the hardest one to write. I mean how will I be able to express how much I enjoyed reading this book? Even now I'm a bit lost for words. But, I will give it a try.

How We Found You is the sequel to How We Found You. I've not read the first book, but I did not find it hard to get into this book, although I did several times during this book think that I really need to read How We Found You to get the backstory to the story in this book. Just to get the know the characters that I've come to care for, a bit better.

The setting for How We Found You is in the future, not that far for in the future, but it feels like another world. The futuristic technology is one aspect that made me love this book. To read about how everything has progressed fascinated me. But, there are those that are afraid how the progress that sees the birth of children not through the usual way as a sign of the end. For Kate does this mean that there are those that want to kill her son. And, they will try every means necessary to succeed.

First, I want to say that this book intrigued me from the beginning. I loved the setting of a futuristic South Africa, of a cult after children to stop a prophecy and of a mother who that will do everything to protect her children. The writing is fabulous, I was pulled into the story and the only thing I regretted was not reading the How We Found You first. Yes, you can read this as a stand-alone, but I personally would have started with book one. But, at least I have the first book to read now.

I will end this review by saying that this book is marvelous and I greatly enjoyed reading it!

I want to thank TBConFB for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!

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