Monday 1 May 2017

April Roundup!

So, here we are, a new month. They day really go fast. I usually don't do roundups anymore. I often think about doing one, but I'm pretty lazy and I have a tendency to just put all the energy in reviews etc nowadays.

I will not list all the books I have read, instead, will I list the ones that made an impression on me. Some have I reviewed, and some have I written reviews for but they haven't been posted yet.

30 books read, 3 of them are DNF so technically 27 books read.

Not many 5 stars last month. But a lot of 4 and 4.5 stars books as you can see here:

Then we have the 5-star books: 

Summary: It was a pretty decent month. Hell, it was a great month, not only did I manage to read books from authors that I like, I found a bunch of new ones. 

Surprise book of the month: Moonbreaker. I've read books by Simon R. Green before and yes I love them, but still, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed reading Moonbreaker. 

What I'm looking forward to reading this month? 

Well, as I preview will add this pic on my nightstand...;)

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  1. Nice round-up, Ms. Magdalena. Good selection of mysteries too!